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Tips and Tricks

  • Always follow the care label instructions as manufacturers are legally bound by them.
  • When leaving items at the cleaners always point out stains, what and where for best chances of removal.
  • Never rub stains. It normally results in colour-loss around the stain!

Dry cleaning

  • Dry cleaning is a more gentler process than washing that is recommended for wool, silks, acetates and other fine materials.
  • Dry cleaning is your safest option to avoid the risk of shrinkage, colour loss and creasing.
  • Generally speaking dry cleaning is not quite as good a clean as laundering but with reputable cleaners you shouldn't notice the difference.
  • For items with oil based stains, dry cleaning is likely to give the best results.
  • Chewing gum is easily removed in dry cleaning!


  • Washing is recommended where possible as the results are generally better.
  • For items with water based stains, washing is likely to give the best results. (Over 80% of stains are water based.)
  • The main risks when deciding to wash an item are; 1, Shrinkage. 2, Colour-loss. 3, Creasing. If in doubt dry clean.
  • Shrinkage can be minimised by cool water hand washing or gentle wash cycles followed by hang drying.
  • Colourloss can be minimised with special soaps (Ariel colour)
  • Creasing can be minimised with cool wash temperatures and extra pressing.

For best machine washing results

  • Do not overload your machine, items must be loose in the drum to clean and rinse thoroughly
  • Sort laundry by separating into loads by colour
  • Never put dark colours into a white load
  • Wash new coloured items separately when washing for the first time
  • Always treat stains such as paint, ink, rust and grass before washing
  • Avoid washing frayed or torn items, they will become much worse
  • Always check care labels for wash temperatures and instructions
  • Adding oxygenating powder to whites can improve the whiteness of the wash

!Remember always!

  • Empty pockets
  • Ensure hooks and zips are closed
  • Check the garment’s care label. Only wash fabrics which are designed to be machine washed
  • Place small items such as socks, laces, handkerchiefs etc. in a washing bag or pillow case, as it is possible for small items to slip down between the drum and the tub
  • Items that should not be put in the machine:
  • Underwired bras
  • Garments that have been in contact with volatile or petroleum products
  • Old duvets or similar bedding that now has weak stitching which will break when heavy and wet, thus ruining other items with it and blocking the drains
  • Anything that has a dry clean only label
  • Anything that is so large that it has to be forced into the drum

Help the Environment:

  • Wash full loads to save water and energy
  • Do not use a pre-wash for normally soiled items
  • Pre-treat stains and then wash at the stated temperature
  • Only use the advised quantity of detergent and fabric softener, over soaping does not make clothes any cleaner and can cause soap residues – white marks

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