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Bed Bug Treatment Cleaning Services

Specialised Bedbug Clothing Treatment Cleaners
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Discounts for Large Orders on all Bed Bug Treatment Services
Bed Bug Treatment Collection and Delivery Services in London

123 Cleaners offer a specialised Clothing Treatment Service for the guaranteed eradication of Bedbugs and similar infestations from all types clothing, rugs, curtains, covers and other household fabrics.

For the guaranteed elimination of bedbugs, we only recommend our dry cleaning processes in which items are completely immersed in solvent followed by extended heating cycles. If Dry Cleaning isn't an option, our laundry process use disinfectant detergents followed with extended drying processes. We don't offer on-site treatments as we believe them to be too 'hit and miss'.

Bed Bug Cleaning Services from 123 Cleaners

Bedbug Clothing Treatment Dry Cleaning and Laundry Prices

Due to the extra procedures involved with bedbug clothing treatment there is a 20% surcharge to our normal Laundry & Dry cleaning Prices. Please note these prices also include pressing and ironing.

Large orders of this type of work often receive discounts especially when cleaned as a batch process.

For those on a tighter budget we also offer a Bulk Dry Cleaning without Pressing Service but again there is a 20% surcharge for the extra procedures involved.

All orders brought to our Maida Vale factory shop automatically receive 15% discounts if over £30

How it works

You can visit our Maida Vale Factory Shop or you can book our Collection and Delivery Service which covers London and most areas within the M25.

We ask that all infested items are sealed in bags and you inform our factory reception or drivers to avoid the risk of cross contamination. (All items will be returned in sealed bags)

If possible bag up items by:

  1. Dry cleaning
  2. Laundering and ironing
  3. Laundering, tumble drying and folding only

Processing normally takes 3 to 4 days but we have a Same Day Express Service should you require some (or all) of your clothing in a hurry.

Use our online booking system to arrange your collection from 123 Cleaners Call or Email 123 Cleaners Visit 123 Cleaners at our Maida Vale factory shop

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