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123 Cleaners have specialised cleaning Sofa Covers, Cushions, Cushion Covers and Sofa Throws for over 30 years.

All cleaning is done at our factory. Your sofa covers and cushions are completely immersed during the dry cleaning or laundry process in dedicated large capacity machinery. We don't clean sofa covers on site as we find the results are superficial at best.

We start by carefully selecting the best cleaning method subject to the sofa cover or cushion care label, material, staining and finish. Stains will be delicately treated if necessary.

After cleaning follows steam pressing and hand ironing before your sofa covers are carefully folded and packaged. Cushions are thoroughly dried if necessary overnight in our hotroom.


  • Sofa Covers and Throws (dry cleaned) from £10 per kg.
  • Cushion Covers (dry cleaned) - Small £4.78, Medium £7.19, Large £9.56,
  • Cushions (laundered) Small £4.45, Medium £6.85, Large from £9.95, (add 25% for Feather Cushion Laundry)
  • 15% discount on orders over £30 for items brought to our Maida Vale factory shop.

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  • Always clean the entire sofa cover set at the same time to avoid the risk of colour tone variations.
  • Don't rub stains on sofa covers! Colour loss is very likely. (The dyes are notoriously weak.)
  • Shrinkage of up to 3% can occur in dry cleaning, however our extra delicate program cycles with low temperatures minimise this risk.

We also clean Pillows, Curtains and Rugs.

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